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Brand Collaboration and Affiliation

If you have a company or know of a company that might be a good fit for collaboration or sponsorship with any of our His and Hers Marketing brands, fill out our form so we can be in touch, chat and share our media kit!  Great things come from people working together and we look forward to finding new opportunities to be of service to our community!


Social Influencer Collaboration

ALL SHIPS RISE WITH THE TIDE.  Wanna collaborate on a project together?  Reach out to us!  We look forward to brainstorming ideas that will grow both of our brands.  


Speaking Engagements

Need speakers for your event, school, conference, something else?  We LOVE to share our travels and engage with audiences. 

Topics can range from:

  • International Travel
  • North American Travel
  • All Things RVing or Overlanding
  • How To's
  • Creating a Travel Lifestyle
  • Fulfilling Your Dreams
  • Thinking Outside The Box
  • Stepping or Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

Go ahead and fill out our contact form. We'll be in touch to discuss topics, dates, etc! 

Video Production

We are FAA-certified for drone flights and our videos speak for themselves! Let us provide you with footage for your project or help you promote your business. Just fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch soon!




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We take pride in working with brands and businesses to create win-win-win scenarios for the company, our respective audiences and our brand.  Here's a list of our current and past partners along with testimonials and examples of our work! Click on the title of each company to see our work with them. 

Fuso Video Series

Fuso Blog



Battleborn Batteries

Harvest Hosts

Yokohama Tire

Lippert Components

Overland Expo

Central Coast Now

Branson Convention and Tourism Board





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Testimonial from Lilly and Victor of Victor's RV Park, San Felipe, Mexico

We first visited Victor's RV Park in 2016.  We spent a week in San Felipe sharing our experiences on YouTube, in particular highlighting our stay at Victor's RV Park.  Little did we know the impact it would have on these small business owners.  In 2019, they hosted over 40 rigs for an Xscapers' Mexico Convergence.  They've upgraded their utilities, added a restaurant and expanded their capacity to accommodate the changes that have taken place in their business over the years!  We still love to go back for visits and really appreciate that they always save Site 1 right on the beach for us!  






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