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Meet the creators of Outliers Hub, Ben and Rebecca Pazdernik, a couple of wayward Alaskans who LOVE to travel. Originally from California, we have always thought of life as an opportunity to seek out adventure and have been sharing our travels through blogging and YouTube since 2014!

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  • Outliers University offers in-depth courses with detailed lectures, support documents, interviews, etc.


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AboutHubOutliers World Travel Blog

We don’t always relay everything that’s happening or everything we are thinking in the videos and social media posts, so check out our BLOG for diary-style posts from us. We’ll share unique perspectives, accomplishments and challenges via the written word!


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We love to keep in touch with you and share our travels, so we send CUSTOM postcards from the road with our own photography and a note from us! Premium members will receive regular Postcards.

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A special treasure personally selected by Ben and Rebecca during their travels. Top Tier Premium Members will receive an annual gift.

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