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About Denny the Excursion Vehicle

Here’s a great Q&A video all about Denny!


What is Denny’s typical fuel economy?

Denny’s fuel economy is 11-12 mpg at hhighway speeds and 14-15 mpg if we go slower like around 45 mph. Check out our Q&A video for more information, including Denny’s fuel tank capacity!

Do you keep spare fuel filters on hand?

Fuel filters were a bit of a challenge to get shipped to us when we first bought the truck, so we didn’t skimp on supply. We initially purchased six!

What tires does Denny have?

As of March 24, 2019, Denny’s tires are Geolandar All Terrain G015 315-75-16 Load Range E by Yokohama

What’s the max weight rating of the Yokohama Geolander A/T Tires?

See the specs.

How are the seats in Denny?

The seats are surprisingly comfortable, though we’ll eventually upgrade because something a bit more cushy with air ride qualities would be nice for the long drives.

What kind of chassis does Denny have?

Check out our Q&A video! (link takes you directly to the answer)

What kind of engine does Denny have?

Check out our Q&A video! (link takes you directly to the answer)

Tell us about the fuel and electrical systems.

Check out our Q&A video! (link takes you directly to the answer)

How do you level Denny?

The truck has built-in levels and we also use a level on our phone. Between that and doing a door test to see if the front door stays in a neutral position, we usually do pretty well. 

How tall is Denny? How high is the interior ceiling? What are Denny’s measurements?

Interior dimensions of the cabin are 6’4” tall, 6’6” wide, 13’ long. The total exterior height is 10’6” and total length of the truck is 21’ including the spare tire.

How big is the box? How many square feet is Denny’s box?

78 square feet.

Do you like Denny better than a class A motorhome?

Check out our Q&A video! (link takes you directly to the answer)

How did you find Denny? Where did you buy Denny?

Check out our Q&A video! (link takes you directly to the answer)

How does Denny drive/ride? Does Rebecca drive it?

Check out our Q&A video! (link takes you directly to the answer)

What’s the ‘box’?

Check out our Q&A video! (link takes you directly to the answer)

How much did Denny cost?

Check out our Q&A video! (link takes you directly to the answer)

Who built the box and placed it on the chassis?

We would rather direct you to Total Composites. They make high quality boxes and we’re dreaming of the day we can have them create one for us.

Do you use any treatments on the underside of the truck to protect against corrosion?

Nope we probably should, but we don't.  We just give it a good washing whenever it's exposed to salt in some way. 

Do you have any mechanical assist to get Denny’s spare tire off the rig?

No. It’s all manual.

General Travels

Have you ever been to ??

[If they have, refer to playlist or the RVlog playlist has many of their lower 48 travels. People can also search their videos in the upper right corner of the YT screen.]


Where’s the best place to spend the 4th of July in Alaska?

If you don’t mind crowds, Seward is the place to be for the 4th in Alaska...they have the Mt Marathon Race and associated festivities. It’s quite the sight to see and fun to attend at least once. Otherwise not a lot of specific stuff to do for the 4th in Alaska. 


It is the one weekend of the summer that you'll really want to secure campground/RV park reservations well in advance. If you can boondock and want to risk it, you can find places to camp down Exit Glacier Road in Seward on 4th of July weekend, but you have to get there early. It’s first come, first served. Otherwise make reservations as soon as they’ll take them for the RV parks. 

Is there someone you recommend for a fishing charter in the Seward area?

Bix McClure at Seward Ocean Excursions is a good friend of ours and he will do custom charters for Salmon.


What do you do with all the fish you catch?

We will smoke some of it, but we have all of it processed and frozen as soon as we catch it to keep it fresh and then we can smoke everything at once. We save and smoke all of the bellies and some of the fillets. We also lightly smoke some and then can it, so we have canned smoked salmon as well as just plain canned salmon for variety. See our Fishing in Alaska eBook for details.


Are there plenty of places to fill on-board propane tanks in Mexico (baja) ? I think there are lots of places to fill portable tanks, but what about tank attached to the rig? Is there a different adapter required?

It's easy to find places to fill detached propane bottles, but somewhat harder to find places to fill stationary bottles. You can find them in larger cities though.

Road Life

What do you listen to on the road, or do you keep things quiet?

We listen to audiobooks when we are doing long road trips like the AlCan or cross country, and we like autobiographies the most. I (Rebecca) download them to my phone via audible and we play them on the stereo speakers so we can both listen to them. We listen to Apple Music/Apple Radio for our music. It’s rarely quiet in the truck, there’s always music or audiobook playing.

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